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We manufacture custom electronics projects, prototype and products with the given requirements. We start from your design, and build them in 2-3 days. Products are built from your choice of micro controller, software, operating system, components, or appearances and are fully finished with report including the following –

1. Circuit/schematic diagram
2. Block diagram
3. Explanation documents
4. Working video


ReadyMade kit
Need to submit a project ?

ReadyMade project kits just follow a plug and play mechanism. With your project, we provide you a set of softwares and videos in a flash drive that could easily help you understand the concepts.

Why you should buy it ?
Save time and efforts.

You don’t have to travel across the shops in the other corners of the city. Get evry information on the comfort of a click. If something still bothering you about our product, we provide cash on delivery and return on failure.

Do it yourself.
Interested in electronics. Want to make something to craft your imagination ?

Do it yourself kits are basically a set of components packed together for a dedicated project. Over that, our kits will also have a flash drive containing all the softwares and explanatory videos.

Why you should buy it ?
Connect. Run. Execute.

Buying a DIY kit saves your time exponentially and help you concentrate only on the project rather than travelling all across the city just to get components that are not easy to find. The prices at which we sell DIY will eventually cost you the same if you add your travelling dues and components cost but still saves your time, which is priceless. If you’re not impressed, we provide you cash on delivery.