AGES: 6- 9

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner–Advanced

PATH: Coding, Robotics



PROGRAM: Elecbits Robomaker Un : 3 in 1 Robot | Weeklong

PREREQUISITE: Enthusiasm to Learn

TOOLS: Elecbits Robomaker Un Kit , Code Lab

LOCATION: Delhi, Pune

PRICE: ₹ 5500


Elecbits Robomaker Un : 3 in 1 Robot

Students will be provided with a kit having more than 20 useful electronics components required for making visual guided robots. The students will be making the following robots.

Line following Robot –  A line following robot is a mobile machine employed to sense and follow the black lines that are drawn on the white surface. 

Obstacle Detecting Robot – Ultrasonic Based Obstacle Detecting Vehicle is used for detecting obstacles and avoiding the collision. 

Edge Detection Robot – Edge detection robots also known as vision guided robots, are capable of detecting the edge/ corner of a platform and actuate accordingly.

In this course, your student will:

  • Use Elecbits Robomaker Un kit to  program a robot to complete tasks.
  • Create 3 vision guided behaviors.
  • Teach  explore, and make decisions
  • Develop problem-solving skills

Your student will take home:

  • Robomaker Un kit having more than  20 useful components to program and make robot.
  • Project files

This course is perfect for students wanting a future in Robotics or Coding.


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